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here be the world of zelda, working on our own zelda game.
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What, would you say if.. Link/Spencer/Gohan2314, Brought back ZWO? Game is being worked on again, Smile so is website. :-)


 Player Of the WEEK RULEs

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Player Of the WEEK RULEs Empty
PostSubject: Player Of the WEEK RULEs   Player Of the WEEK RULEs EmptyFri Jul 10, 2009 9:26 pm

The rules are the player of the week has to answer questions like... This

"Link, how did you come up of, this game and forum"

I would have to say:

Well, you see im a huge fan of zelda!! So i really, decided its time.

And other people would ask like

"how old are you"

and stuff, so yeah.. No stupid questions.

Oh and the Player wins 50,000 rupees, if they want them they can have them.
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Player Of the WEEK RULEs
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