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here be the world of zelda, working on our own zelda game.
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What, would you say if.. Link/Spencer/Gohan2314, Brought back ZWO? Game is being worked on again, Smile so is website. :-)


 Game News: Episode 1.

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Game News: Episode 1. Empty
PostSubject: Game News: Episode 1.   Game News: Episode 1. EmptyFri Jul 10, 2009 6:32 pm

Hey, Lets hope you heard of the rupees, every post you get more rupees, when version 0.001, is released, you'll be able to buy ON-website stuff as in

"Sword colors"

as your sword, lets say

its the normal color [brown and sliver]

you could make the tip blue and the handle green.
It will be buggy, So when you see a bug send it to zeldagamers@live.com, OR post it onto the forums.

For posting glitches/bugs, you will recive SPECIAL game items, and upgrades.

You even get your OWN HOUSE. You get to build it whenever, at any TIME!!

you start off with 15 planks and 35 nails

BUT where ever you build your house, it must stay there UNLESS YOU DESTROY IT LOSING ALL YOUR FAVORITE furniture.

As for in game, we are still working in Hyrule.

PS: we will make teleporters for termina feild/region also.
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Game News: Episode 1.
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